30 Day Self-Reflection Challenge: Day 2 – LESSON

What lessons from this past year have change who you are as a person?

Loorrrrrrttttt,  where do I start? I’ve learned so many lessons but here is one that really helped your girl GLOW UP.


“Accept things for what they are, and not what you want them to be. “

  • The significance of this statement has changed me for the better. I am the girl that has everything planned out to a “T”, from my business, to my outfits, to my love life, to my meals, to how my future should look and how things “should” be. This years nothing went as planned, and when I say nothing, I mean nan-nuthiiiinnn’. It wasn’t until I encountered a bad business deal, which lead to a mental break, which lead to me seeing a therapist that it all made sense. I lived my life “wanting” everything to be a certain way, I overwhelmed my mind, body, and soul with notions, and concepts that probably won’t even matter to me 5 years from now. It wasn’t until I was in a counseling session with my therapist and she told me, “You know it’s OK, to be who you are, right now, in this moment.” That’s when it finally hit me, I spent my whole life accepting things that I “wanted” creating these fairytales of by this age I should be doing this, instead “accepting” myself for who I was, and where I am, and building my fairytale off that.

“What goes, goes, what stays, stays.”

  •  The concept of accepting things for what they are doesn’t only apply to self, I also applied this lesson to relationship, and when I say relationships I mean all relationships: Friends, Family, Coworkers, Lovers, Strangers etc. I learned to accept people, and situations for what they are and not what I “WANT” them to be. Point, Blank. Period.


I can truly say this year helped me learn lessons that gave me the strength to live in my skin, in my truth and completely own my muse!

Always with Positive Vibrations,

The Muse Babe


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