Don’t be the “Bitter Betty”

Who is this chick?

She’s smart, she has tons of friends, she’s loyal. To the outsiders looking in, she is PERFECT! She’s had a few puppy love relationships throughout her life that lasted for years but they didn’t really get serious.  You know the kind of relationships Lil Bow Wow and Lil’ Romeo used to rap about.


Finally she gets into her first real relationship, this is a “Beyonce: Dangerously In Love, Love Drought, Im in my penthouse half naked, so where the hell you at” type of relationship.

She can’t get enough of this guy. She craves him every second of the day, she feels like she can’t be without him. He treats her well, the sex isn’t that great but she still loves him to pieces.  She has a few little things that she doesn’t like about him but she’s going to stick it out because that’s her man, they’re getting married. She’s planning to have his NFL babies (In her head). A year and a half goes by, she finds out he’s been unfaithful the whole time.

Then BOOM! Her heartbreaks into tiny littles pieces and she hates every scum bag with a penis walking the planet earth. Unfortunately she begins to hit rock bottom.

Now she’s become a Bitter Betty!


I get it, at times love stinks. The love of your life might break your heart. The guy you really like won’t be that into you. Sometimes we get our hopes up, only to find out the guy ain’t sh*t! Your baby daddy might leave for a thot with more followers than you! I get it, I totally get it. I’ve been there bout’ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times! Minus the baby daddy part.

It’s a dog eat dog game. Love is a vicious cycle. These days “side b*tches are winning,” and married men are boyfriends to single women. Dating is savage but you can’t let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. No matter how many times you alter your captions to throw shade and no matter how many memes you post suggesting that “He aint sh*t,” nothing is going to reverse what happened. You got played sis, Move forward, you’ll be aight!

Sometimes you have to roll with the punches, and charge everything to the game! It happens to the best of us. Tables turn bridges burn, you live & learn (Drake voice)!

So instead of carrying yourself like a “Bitter Betty” do your best to channel your positive energy! Heal yourself. If you date with a close guarded heart, you will attract a closed guarded heart. If you date for revenge, you will attract another man who will hurt you. And it goes on, and on, and onnnnnn!


  • Pray It Of Of You
  • Forgive & Forget
  • Workout
  • Start A Business
  • Volunteer
  • Practice Self-Care

Now I’m no love expert or anything like that, but I spent the entire 2016 being a “Bitter Betty.” That’s how I know that sh*t is for the birds. The amount of energy you spend replaying the situation in your head, wishing you would have done things differently isn’t even worth it. If it’s not a blessing, it’s a lesson. Less bitter, more glitter. No more sad sh*t, boss up babe!


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