Babe Trend: Exposed Bobby Pins


For 500 Alex, Name a hair tool that women know they have plenty of but buy 100 of them every time they’re in the beauty supply. “What is…..Bobby Pins!” That is correct!

Don’t beat yourself up about it, your accumulation of bobby pins has finally paid off, issa trend! The exposed bobby pin look is trending, and I’m definitely here for it! Celebrities like, Draya, Rihanna and Solange have been spotted rocking this style and it is becoming more popular amongst local hair stylist.

Kim Kardashian Bobby Pin Trend

The trend is simple easy & sleek! All you have to do is strategically place your bobby pins along the sides of your hair, and your look goes from ouchi walla-walla to ouchi bang-bang!

If you only own black bobby pins and you have black/dark brown use them, but the style looks best when you use bobby pins that contrast with your hair! Here are a few celeb-inspired ways to achieve this look.

2013 American Music Awards - Backstage And AudienceLaLa Anthony Doobie Pins



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