HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL: Focus on your own sh*t

HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL: If you’re modern day millennial like myself, you probably spend tons of time on social media! Double tapping, exploring, comparing, and stalking your ex due to the new updated features. (Followed by THATBROKEBITCH2000, THOTHOE1017, +12 others) You catch my drift right?

After realizing how much time you’ve wasted comparing and contrasting the virtual world to your reality, you’ve lost 5 hours, missed your workout, and your not ready to conquer tomorrow.

Hey, I’m not judging you, we’ve all been there before! I know I have, but I realized it was consuming my life and wasting my damn time! Hell, I was keeping up with the Kardashians, and they can’t even keep up with (fill in the blank yourself)________. No shade, no tea!

That’s when I asked myself, myself said, “Hmmm?”, “What can I do to become best version of Gabriella?” That’s when it hit me “FOCUS ON YOUR OWN SH*T!”

At that point I was having mirror to mirror Kermit The Frog hoodie moment. I knew I had the power to change my life! I gained 5 more hours, no day light savings honey! Multiply 5 by 7 that’s 35 hours a week, sheesh that’s  equivalent to part-time job! Sadly, I wasn’t getting paid to lurk and get hurt. I didn’t get paid to compare and contrast my life to the mofo’s that are doing the Bow Wow challenge on the daily, again no shade and absolutely no tea!

FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. As soon as I decided to focus on my own sh*t, and when I say my own sh*t, I mean my own sh*t! Not Beyonce sh*t, Rihanna sh*t, not Kim Kardashian sh*t, not Baller Alert sh*t, or that damn shade room sh*t, everything started to come together!

Yeah, you’re doing good but you could be doing great! It’s May 22nd, we’re are almost halfway through the year, what have you done so far? YOU need to FOCUS.

Focusing on your own shit will help you put everything into perspective. The vision that you have for your life will become clearer as you spend more time with yourself. Focus brings passion, passion brings motivation, motivation leads to consistency, and consistency leads to success. Some people may categorize success as a single event, but success is consistently achieving YOUR goals. Pay your dues, work hard, fall in love with the process, the results will show their ass honey! Stick with it. Focus. Flourish.




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