Don’t be the “Bitter Betty”

Who is this chick? She's smart, she has tons of friends, she's loyal. To the outsiders looking in, she is PERFECT! She's had a few puppy love relationships throughout her life that lasted for years but they didn't really get serious.  You know the kind of relationships Lil Bow Wow and Lil' Romeo used to rap about. Finally she … Continue reading Don’t be the “Bitter Betty”


Babe Trend: Exposed Bobby Pins

For 500 Alex, Name a hair tool that women know they have plenty of but buy 100 of them every time they're in the beauty supply. "What is.....Bobby Pins!" That is correct! Don't beat yourself up about it, your accumulation of bobby pins has finally paid off, issa trend! The exposed bobby pin look is … Continue reading Babe Trend: Exposed Bobby Pins