30 Day Self-Reflection Challenge: Day 2 – LESSON

What lessons from this past year have change who you are as a person? Loorrrrrrttttt,  where do I start? I've learned so many lessons but here is one that really helped your girl GLOW UP.   "Accept things for what they are, and not what you want them to be. " The significance of this … Continue reading 30 Day Self-Reflection Challenge: Day 2 – LESSON


Coffee Scrub: Anti-Cellulite Remedy

Anti-Cellulite Remedy The secret to cellulite-free skin lives right in your pantry…COFFEE! Yes, coffee! For many years women have struggled with this issue. Many have spent money buying different cellulite products, under garments, and expensive treatments to assist in the removal of cellulite. The caffeine cellulite removal remedy is one way that cellulite can be … Continue reading Coffee Scrub: Anti-Cellulite Remedy